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The YPAL Emerging Leaders Program is a unique program in the Louisville area that addresses specific leadership development needs of young professionals as emerging leaders. The program spans seven classes over three months and is open to approximately 20-30 YPAL members selected via an application process.

Applications are now closed. Fall 2022 applications will open in the summer.

About the Program:
The Emerging Leaders Program is a comprehensive leadership development program. Participants will use structured exercises and assessments to develop improved awareness about themselves and others. The program also includes interaction with community leaders, reading material, and a group research project. The class will cover self-awareness, diversity, equity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, leadership, management, communication within a team, and presentation skills.

Spring 2022 class times/dates:

Classes are from 5:00 – 8:00 pm E.S.T. (unless otherwise noted) on Monday. The program will be offered in safely in person and is subject to change based on CDC, Governor’s and other public health recommendations. As of now, masks will be required.

February 21: Kick Off Celebration

March 7: Class 1 – Self-Awareness
March 14: Class 2 – Leadership & Management
March 21: Class 3 – Communication
March 28: Class 4 – Public Speaking 
April 4: Class 5 – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
April 11: Class 6 – Presentation Coaching
April 25: Class 7 – Presentations/Graduation

Questions about the classes, times, application – no problem! Just email us at 

Meet your facilitator:

Lenae Price, President and Founder of Mindset Collaborative, has 15 years of experience operating in fast-paced environments and coaching colleagues and team members through complex challenges and interpersonal issues. She’s studied psychology, emotional intelligence, and communication and has successfully collaborated with top-level executives, legislators, community representatives, and specialists in most major industries. Lenae is a trained coach and facilitator with a performance background and a proven track record from Tennessee to New York. Her personal mission statement is “to inspire and be inspired”. Check out more about Lenae and her company by clicking here!

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion class is hosted by a local DEI facilitator. Stay tuned for our Spring 2022 announcement!

Time Commitment:
The total time commitment over the three-month course is about 50 hours. Around 22 hours in the classroom, 10-20 hours reading and taking the leadership assessments, and lastly, 15 hours on the group project.

The cost of the Emerging Leaders Program is $475. This cost includes program materials, a book, dinner during each class (if it’s safe to dine together) and an assessment. Tuition support and childcare stipends are available. The application for support is found on the last two pages of the ELP application.

Need help asking your employer to approve the program? We got you covered! Check out this letter! 

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Previous Program Graduates:

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We want to hear from you! Please nominate an emerging leader to apply for the Emerging Leaders Program today!

The individuals with 1). The most nominations and 2). The most applications completed will both receive a $25 donation to their favorite non-profit!

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