Meet 2020 YPAL Award Winner, Georgia!

Georgia Connally

YPAL Member since: 2018

Hometown: Kentucky

Where do you work?: Connally Law Offices, LLC

How do you strengthen our community’s impact through connecting others?
I started my own legal practice in 2019 and have devoted my practice to building non-profits and community engagement. I have developed and supported five separate non-profits in this community and still serve as a business advisor to ten start-ups in the Louisville community–all for free. My goal is to improve this community by helping others build strong businesses, nonprofits, and community projects themselves. So, my goal is always to connect start-ups with resources and prepare non-profits for community growth. I also started a phone bank of resources for start-ups and community projects.

How do you seek life-long learning through developing others and yourself?
I get involved. That is the answer. I try to get involved with every organization and every life that I can. What I mean by that is simple–I invest time and energy into my projects and my teammates. I take every opportunity that I can. I employ a student at Brandies as a Law Clerk and have recently hired a new Associate Attorney, also a Brandies graduate. Teaching the Law Clerk in real-time situations and allowing her to be part of Round Table team meetings with Clients will be extremely beneficial, as she grows and learns how she wants to make her mark in the legal world. The Associate Attorney will begin work as a Counsel at Connally Law Offices, LLC. upon her passing the Bar Exam. Giving a new, female attorney the opportunity to work at my firm is something of which I am very proud. The first years as a practicing attorney is an important time for any attorney, as we learn not only how to lawyer in the real world, but also what kind of lawyer we want to be, and how we can use our education and legal skills to better this world.

You’ve been given an elephant. What would you do with it?
I would immediately research to see how I can make this elephant feel part of the family how to make it comfortable. My 3 young daughters would, undoubtedly, love a new family friend such as this. But my backyard is a wee bit small. So, time to start the hunt for a property that would support our new giant friend, and have friendly zoning laws. No chains, no elephant rides, no exploitation of our new family member would happen. Although I can’t say there won’t be hundreds of photos on social media, showing off the creature’s beauty and size. There are no strangers in my world, only friends I have yet to meet. Though I would not call our Elephant a pet, he/she would definitely have a home with us. I think the only issue would be choosing a name to call our elephant and which daughter would claim to love him/her more.


A huge thank you to our Sponsors for your continued investment and partnership in Louisville’s Young Professional community.


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