Mission Behind Bars and Beyond (MB3)

by | Dec 14, 2018

Mission Behind Bars and Beyond (MB3) is a Kentucky non-profit that works with people who are incarcerated  and soon to be returning to our community.  We train and provide mentors, offer life skills classes, assist in workforce development and make available pastoral counseling and spiritual development.  MB3 is growing and expanding its services.  Consequently, we are looking for one or two new board members who may be interested in joining us in making our communities safer, one returning citizen at a time.  The skill set we are looking for includes fund-raising, event planning, creative thinking and energetic leadership.  If this may be something that piques your interest, please contact, Rev. Dean Bucalos, Executive Director at missionbehindbarsandbeyond@gmail.com  or call him at 502-396- 3543. In the meantime, check out MB3’s website www.missionbehindbarsandbeyond.org

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