Do termites really like rock music?

by | Jan 16, 2020

Calling All Termites- Rock this Way. Do termites really like rock music?

Sound Matters: Studies have shown that sound vibration and sound frequency impact a termite’s behavior.
Termites use vibrations to determine what type of wood is around them so that they can choose the best food source. We don’t know if they prefer classic rock or heavy metal.
LINK HERE for study on termites and how sounds/vibrations impact behaviors

Seems like they do a little headbanging of their own: When they are chewing/eating, they make a rapping sound that is audible with the naked ear. If they perceive danger, they bang to alert the colony…click the link to listen for yourself.
LINK HERE  for sounds & video of termite headbanging and eating
LINK HERE for dramatic video/sounds of a home inspection and termite infestation

Other Weird Facts:
LINK HERE for a list of 20 weird facts about termites
On a more serious note, pay attention to signs of infestation. Termites eat 24 hours per day. Treatment is not overly invasive nor costly. In our area, if a home is professionally treated, the barrier should last approximately five years.

Indications of A Possible Problem:

 LINK HERE to the University of KY College of Agriculture page for Q&A/images.

  • Termites are white or creamy in color. If you notice a white bug you should call a pest control company. There are no white ants so don’t write this off.
  • Flying insects:  Warmer weather can bring flying termites. This can mean termites are trying to form a new colony and they are looking for a food source. If you see flying termites don’t panic, just call your pest control company to check it out.
  • Termites have round bodies: Ants have a pinched waist area. Termites do not have that indentation. LINK HERE for images
  • Mud tubes. LINK HERE for an image of a mud tube. LINK HERE for more images.
  • Hollow sounding wood, door frames/windows that don’t seal properly: LINK HERE for a list of 7 signs of infestation.

It is a good idea to get your home inspected for termites about every 2-3 years.
Call or email Parker & Klein today if you would like a recommendation for a treatment company.

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