Is your home owners insurance up to date?

by | Oct 30, 2019

Home owner’s insurance

Not a glamorous topic but one that deserves more attention than it gets.

We want to encourage you to take a few moments and consider your policies.

If you have rental properties:

  • Has your policy kept up with cost to replace, displaced tenant cost? Loss of rents?

How about your own residence:

  • Do you have new contents of value to add to your policy? Upgrades that can reduce your premium such as double dead bolts, a new roof or alarm system?

Check the link and read about other tips to make sure you are getting the most value, service and coverage for your money. There are many facets to consider and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Start by checking the tips and then make a list to ask your insurance agent. If you do have proper coverage you get the benefit of catching up with your agent without a catastrophe taking place. How refreshing for your agent! TOP 10 Mr. Mayhem Commercials.

Contact Parker & Klein Real Estate if you would like a recommendation for an insurance agent to contact, we love ours and are glad to share!

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