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The various YPAL committees allow members to use their strengths and interests to make Louisville a better place for the leaders of tomorrow. Each committee is made up of volunteers and works to fulfill YPAL’s mission of connecting, engaging and developing metro Louisville’s young professionals. Committee meetings are open to all members. Meetings are a time to network and share ideas you may have for YPAL. If interested, you can even take part in event planning. Learn more about each committee by scrolling down. 


The Communications Committee is responsible for creating visibility in the community for YPAL events, as well as improving YPAL’s overall appeal as a vital organization within the community. It presents members the opportunity to help shape the message of YPAL, and grow the network. Weekly Updates, social media and e-campaigns are core to spreading the word about YPAL, while some members serve as direct liaisons to secure media representation for YPAL events.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee partners with local non-profit organizations to create exciting opportunities for YPAL members to engage in the social, economic and environmental needs of our community.  Through hands-on events, members will create meaningful relationships with other YPs, drive long-lasting positive change, and get exposure to leadership positions with non-profits all over our city.


The Entertainment Committee is responsible for coordinating events. The committee drives the social aspect of YPAL through signature events such as YP Day at Keeneland and happy hours.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee provides growth opportunities to YPAL members and other young professionals in the community through networking events, training seminars and other engaging lectures. Professional development topics are wide-ranging and can span events with community leaders and career development workshops. The Professional Development Committee is also in charge of recruiting and implementing the Emerging Leaders Program, which is YPAL’s flagship leadership development program.

Public Issues

The Public Issues Committee is focused on providing our membership with opportunities to learn about, stay engaged with and participate in the community and political issues that are affecting Louisville and its young professionals. The Public Issues Committee helps drive YPAL’s advocacy positions by surveying our membership, planning events, and hosting visits to Frankfort. This committee’s primary event is YP Day at the Capitol, giving YPs an opportunity to hear from and meet with both local and statewide politicians.


The Technology Committee focuses on improving the online image of YPAL among members and the community. The committee achieves this goal by blending creative and technical skills to create website layout and content, and explore the latest trends to further enhance the operation of YPAL. The committee members embody diverse backgrounds and promotes creativity and team spirit. The committee also networks and builds relationships amongst technology companies and groups in Louisville.


Industry Groups

YPAL members are a part of many different industries. YPAL offers networking events focused on different industries. Stay up to date on your industry by joining a mailing list below. For questions email


The Finance Industry Group serves to connect young professionals in the finance community and any young professional interested in the finance field.


The Legal Industry Group serves to connect and engage young professionals in the legal community, and, more broadly, any young professional interested in the legal field.

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