Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about YPAL.

What is the age range for YPAL membership?

We are not in the business of telling anyone they’re not a young professional. Most of our members are between 21 – 45 year old – but all are welcome!

What is a “professional?”

YPAL enjoys a relaxed definition of professional. We have professionals from all areas – corporate, government, non-profit, medical, education, entrepreneurs, education … you name it.

What is the best way to get involved in YPAL?

First, become a member. YPAL dues are $50 for one year. You can join YPAL at any point during the year. Doing so will ensure you receive our Weekly Update e-newsletter. Then attend an event! YPAL members receive free or discounted admission to all YPAL events. Check out our event calendar here to sign up for the next event.

Do I have to register for events or meetings that I want to attend?
Yes, regardless of whether the event requires payment or not, we need to know who will be there so that we can make appropriate accommodations.
Can I see a list of members?
Once you become a member, you can access the members-only area for an electronic directory of members.
How can my company become a YPAL sponsor or partner?
We’re always pleased to extend our partnership circle with businesses wanting to market to young professionals. Please contact our Executive Director, Cassidy Hyde, at cassidy.hyde@ypal.org for more information.
Do I have to be a member to attend meetings and events?
No, but a benefit of membership is discounted or free admission to most events. Meetings for the board and YPAL’s executive committee are the only meetings not open to general membership.
Do I have to attend every event on the calendar?
No, we offer a variety of events and meetings so you can participate in what fits your schedule as well as your goals and needs.
What is required of me as a member?
While participation is not mandatory, we encourage our members to take advantage of YPAL’s ability to make a difference in the community, make new personal contacts, and develop professionally.
What are member benefits?
The overall benefit of YPAL is determined by each member. Whether your goal through YPAL is to connect with community leaders and like-minded young professionals, engage in the Louisville community through service and outreach or develop professional leadership skills, YPAL’s member benefits are endless.

Additionally, YPAL members enjoy various discounts and exclusive offers from many local merchants. Benefits range from discounted magazine subscription rates to scholarships at prestigious local universities. Member benefits are always being added, so be sure to check the official member benefits page often. Note: Many member benefits are only available to individuals that have valid memberships.

What are some of YPAL's accomplishments?
YPAL makes every attempt to document various news stories or events that pertain to the organization. Although not exhaustive since our inception in 1999, we have compiled a list of YPAL accomplishments broken down by year.
Does YPAL engage in the political process and/or advocate for various causes that are important to its membership?
Yes. YPAL, through its Public Issues Committee, hosts various events throughout the course of the year to help raise awareness and educate the membership about the various issues affecting Louisville and its citizens. Furthermore, the Public Issues Committee annually surveys the overall membership in order to ensure that the organization is in touch with our membership’s views. If an issue is deemed important by a majority of our membership, the organization will actively advocate the membership’s view during legislative sessions.

Please note: YPAL does not endorse specific candidates for election or political parties.

Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at admin@ypal.org

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