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by | Oct 2, 2019

 Greater Louisville Inc., the Metro Chamber of Commerce (GLI), in partnership with the Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL), are pleased to announce a collaboration that will help identify and grow the business leaders of tomorrow. Mentor Louisville is a new pilot program where YPAL members will be matched with experienced mentor-professionals drawn from GLI’s investor base.

“The goal of Mentor Louisville is to create business, career and leadership mentoring relationships that might not have otherwise happened. Mentor Louisville provides new opportunities for GLI investors to support the next generation of young professional leaders while also gaining valuable insights from the next generation,” said Kent Oyler, President and CEO of GLI.

GLI mentors and YPAL member mentees interested in participating in the program will need to fill out an application form by October 18 and will be notified on October 25 if they have been accepted to participate in the pilot program:

Based on the pool of applicants, matches will be made and announced at the Mentor Louisville cocktail party the first week of November. Matched pairs in the program will be asked to meet a minimum of two times in the course of six weeks to be considered part of the program. This is a pilot program, so we cannot promise everyone will be matched. This is a YPAL Member benefit, so at this time, only YPAL members can apply to be mentees.

“Working in partnership with GLI will give our members an exclusive opportunity to create rich connections within the community,” said Ann Marie Maldini, Executive Director of YPAL.

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