Parker & Klein Introduces: Demystifying Chemical Deicers

Try these options and go easier on your driveway, pets and landscaping

The chemicals in deicers are toxic to plants and animals. Many types of treatments will pit cement causing thousands of dollars in damage and repair. LINK HERE for concise information on four types of deicers and the benefits/negatives of each one. LINK HERE for 7 Best Deicers and how they work.

Worried about pitting your driveway?  Use Calcium or Magnesium Chloride (can pit with extended use)

Worried about your landscape and mother earth? Choose CMA- Calcium Magnesium Acetate

Worried about your pets?  Urea (yes) and Carbonyl Diamide

Try to use chemical free alternatives such as:
Heat strips/Heat mats on top of and under concrete driveways/sidewalks
Sugar Beet Juice
Alfalfa Meal
Urea (found in fertilizers)
Let nature take its course. Sit back with some hot cocoa and watch the winter wonderland unfold.

Need a referral for plowing your driveway or sidewalk? Give us a call! We are happy to share our resources. Be safe and stay warm!

As of January 16,  2018

Conventional 30 YR. 4.625%
Down .250% from last month

Conventional 15 YR. 4.125%
Down .250% from last month

FHA 30 YR. 4.125%
Down .250% from last month


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