YPAL Stands with Breonna Taylor

by | Jun 1, 2020

The Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL) was founded to enhance the professional and social development of our city’s young leaders. We serve by representing our community’s young professional voices, addressing their professional needs, and advocating on their behalf.

This is why YPAL stands with Breonna Taylor.

Breonna’s death is a tragedy rooted in the potent effects of systemic racism with which our society has yet to effectively grapple. Effects that linger not only in this moment where grief is palpable, but in all times; those defined by stasis and those by protest. We are a community organization, and we know that serving our community means addressing these lingering effects, which have caused so many of us grief and Breonna her life.

As our city unites to move forward in solidarity and action, YPAL will actively and intentionally practice anti-racism in the following ways:
-We pledge to implement additional programming to provide tools and resources necessary to approach antiracism through empowerment, empathy, and effective allyship.
-We pledge to connect with greater Louisville organizations to help cultivate sustainable and equitable community healing.
-We pledge to enhance our efforts to ensure that our peers feel safe, seen, and valued within our community.
-We pledge to continue developing the next generation of mindful and inclusive leaders.

To the young Black people of our city, you deserve opportunity, access to career growth and development tools, and safe social interactions to build professional networks. You deserve power, access to decision-making tables, and for your voice to be heard. You deserve joy, hope, and justice. You deserve to live. Your life matters.

We grieve with you, and we will rebuild with you.

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