YPAL’s Toast to 20: Eric Gunderson

by | Jan 7, 2019

Eric Gunderson is a former YP board member (he’s been President, Director of Public Issues and VP of Community!) and now owns his own Marketing Firm. Read more about our former leader:

What is your name?
Eric Gunderson

Where do you work?
Gunderson Marketing

Tell us about your involvement with YPAL. When did you join and what leadership roles did you hold?
Joined in 2002. Was Director of Public Issues in 2003, VP of Community in 2004, President in 2005 and on the board as Immediate Past President in 2006.

What made you want to get involved as a young professional? Why did you ultimately choose YPAL?
I had just moved back to Louisville from Houston and I wanted to meet new people and get involved with the community. YPAL was the easiest way to do both.

How long have you lived in Louisville?
Altogether, about 40 years.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Louisville?
Whether it be going to a basketball game or concert at the Yum! Center, eating at a new restaurant, or going for a run in one of the parks, Louisville offers a lot of entertainment options for a variety of moods and tastes. We’re fortunate to live in such an eclectic town.

What is your favorite YPAL memory? Is there a certain event YPAL throws that you never miss?
Being deeply involved with the city and state’s decision to build the Yum! Center. YPAL doesn’t get enough credit for the role it played in bringing together political and business leaders all over the state to approve funding for the arena. It was a lot of work, but a very exciting and rewarding effort. I definitely miss the parties, but don’t do a good job keeping up with the events YPAL puts on these days. I’ve been to a few of the OPAL reunions and always enjoy catching up with all the people who slogged through the toughest volunteer board on which any of us have ever served with me.

What are your favorite hobbies?
Working out and hanging out with my wife and friends.

Favorite place you have ever traveled?
Napa Valley

What’s a fun fact about you? Or what’s something not many people know about you?
I have a Grateful Dead sunshine tattoo on my hip.

Tell us about your biggest accomplishment.
Keeping my kids alive… so far.


Keep checking back with us to read up on more past and present YPAL leaders and community leaders! And be sure to join us in the Spring as we celebrate YPAL’s 20th birthday! #YPALToastTo20

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