Bellarmine University and the Young Professionals Association of Louisville have partnered to make available scholarships for the below Bellarmine University graduate programs in the amount of a 50% discount!

Master of Arts in Communication (MAC) 

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Science in Digital Media (MSDM)

Master of Science in Taxation (MST)

Here are the 2017 recipients!

The Young Professionals Association of Louisville scholarship has impacted my ability to choose Bellarmine for graduate school by allowing me to truly focus on my studies and not worry quite so much about financial needs. YPAL is a great resource for helping young professionals develop their career, and this is just another example of how involvement with the association can be a huge benefit. –Arielle Kruger

When I learned of the partnership between the Young Professionals Association of Louisville and Bellarmine University it only furthered my enthusiasm in belonging to both of them. My decision was solidified – that I wanted to pursue higher education from a great local institution while also being associated with a community of top achievers. Upon receiving news that I would be the recipient of the YPAL Scholarship my heart leapt in my chest with excitement and gratitude. I felt truly blessed not only for the opportunity to pursue my MBA from Bellarmine, but also honored to do so with the YPAL Scholarship — which undoubtedly will alleviate my financial burden needed to complete post-graduate studies. I am appreciative of this chance and motivated to learn and grow as a result of the experiences I will gain from these organizations. Furthermore, I am confident that attending the Bellarmine MBA program along with my involvement in YPAL and the help of its scholarship will enable me to reach my potential and serve my family, company and community to the fullest. –Colton Howell