YPAL is excited to announce our 2023 YPAL Award Winners! Meet Nadia Jarfi. Nadia was nominated by peers for connecting, engaging, and developing in our community and was recognized among more than 265 nominees.

Nadia Jarfi is a dynamic professional who recently transitioned from the Community Manager position at Story Louisville to become the Growth & Strategic Partnerships Manager. In this pivotal role, Nadia shapes the future of Story by taking charge of sales,  relationship-building, and strategic planning. With a keen focus on fostering partnerships and connecting with communities in Louisville, she is instrumental in driving growth and innovation.

With nine years of experience in the hospitality industry gained during her time in San Diego, California, she possesses a wealth of knowledge in food and beverage. Notably, Nadia is a certified Wine Sommelier, showcasing her expertise in the realm of wines, and she proudly shares her father’s love for cooking in his legacy as a local chef.

Nadia’s academic background in Bio-Cultural Anthropology from San Diego State University perfectly complements her passion for science and nature. Fueling her love for exploration, she travels extensively and considers San Diego as an integral part of her identity, where she mastered the art of adventure.

With a multifaceted skill set and an enthusiasm for science and nature, Nadia Jarfi brings her unique perspective and commitment to excellence to any project she takes on. Her vibrant personality, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset in Louisville’s professional community.

Join us to celebrate Nadia and our 2023 YPAL Award winners on July 26! The 2023 YPAL Awards will be hosted at Louisville Slugger Field on July 26.  Thank you to our 2023 YPAL Awards presenting sponsor Deloitte and our host Louisville Bats.