So, you’re driving along I-65 North and as you approach downtown Louisville, you look to your left and see a large, turquoise building. Most locals know it as the former 800 building, an apartment complex from the 1960s that recently experienced a complete renovation. It has always been a facet to downtown Louisville, but has transformed into 800 Tower City Club Apartments, a premier place for young professionals to live in downtown Louisville. The building now offers a rooftop pool, fire pit, Sky Club entertainment and grilling area, yoga garden, theater room, and is home to the Italian restaurant bar Vetti, located on the first floor.

“There’s no other place like this in Louisville. The Sky Club offers hosting opportunities and I’ve done photoshoots on the rooftop for Old 502 Winery,” said Kenneth Wright, resident of the building and community and market outreach director for Old 502 Winery. “Walkability is also a huge pro. In bigger cities like New York, you walk everywhere or use public transport, and Louisville is heading in that direction.”

The building offers its residents hotel-style management, modern designs, and an amazing location on Fourth Street. Resident D.J. Carroll, CEO of Carroll Media Corporation, loves the vibe of the building, and the perks downtown living has to offer.

“It’s something you would typically have to go find in a big city. Sitting on my balcony 250 feet in the air looking at billions of dollars worth of infrastructure and business opens my mind to what is possible,” said D.J. “It’s also just a great location to shoot videos for my work platforms on social media.”

While the building was known for decades as a Louisville icon, for residents Kenneth and D.J., it’s quickly becoming a popular place to live again in downtown Louisville, offering young professionals a new spot to live, work and entertain.

For more information on 800 Tower City Club Apartments, call 502-583-9800, or visit

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