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YPAL is a membership-based organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. It is through volunteer committee involvement and leadership opportunities that YPAL members can make the most of their experience and develop themselves professionally. Because YPAL is mostly volunteer, the organization also relies on strategic partnerships with the business community.

Executive Director

Ann Marie Maldini

Ann Marie Maldini

Executive Director

YPAL event you can’t miss: 5:48 Networking

Favorite thing to do (other than YPAL): Try new restaurants and travel

One thing you love about Louisville: Churchill Downs

#WhyIYPAL: I YPAL to meet new people! I YPAL to help connect young professionals to other young professionals, to community leaders, to volunteer opportunities, to jobs, to new ideas and much more!

Jake Bension

Jake Bension



YPAL event you can’t miss: 5:48 Networking and Quarterly Lunch

Favorite thing to do (other than YPAL): Go on adventures with friends and family!

One thing you love about Louisville: All of the people who are here! We are a very diverse city, and I love hearing all of the different stories people bring.

#WhyIYPAL: The ability to build and foster relationship within such a fun and exciting organization is unmatchable!

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