by Aimee Jewell – ELP Guest Blogger 

Aimee Jewell HeadshotHello! My name is Aimee Jewell and I am enrolled in the YPAL Emerging Leaders Program for the Fall 2013 session. As a part of my time in the program, I have been asked to summarize each meeting, detailing the professional development that my team is experiencing throughout the discussions. For my first post, I will tell you a little about my membership in YPALand why I decided to apply for the Emerging Leaders Program.

As a Spring 2013 graduate of the University of Louisville, I am an intern at The Louisville Palace and a part-time employee at Main Line Broadcasting, where I work both behind the scenes and on-air on 102.3 The Max. This fall, I will be attending Bellarmine University to pursue my Masters of Arts in Communication. But while going through my undergraduate to graduate transition, I felt it was necessary to take a leap and apply for the 2nd Emerging Leaders Program YPAL was organizing. I love the professional development seminars YPAL puts on throughout the year and by applying for the ELP, I knew I would be undergoing some consecutive leadership-transformation, allowing me to stay consistent and accountable while reaching my goals. I had many friends in the first cohort who raved about the program, so I thought I should give it a try myself.

Through joining YPAL, I have found that the organization is about building well-rounded young professionals, not only on a professional level, but also on a social, physical, and intellectual level. There’s a good amount of networking at each event, allowing one to meet other professionals in the area, followed up with important tools on how to better one’s life, inside the workplace and out. I adore the programs that I have attended thus far in my YPAL career and plan on becoming more involved as I progress.

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