What is your day job?
Military Outreach Coordinator-Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky

Why did you join YPAL? 
What was your first job? 
The United Stated Marine Corps
What is your career ambition? 
To be a mentor/ leadership development for young professionals, mainly focusing on veterans who are transitioning from military life to civilian life. If that is to be within a major company/corporation or non-profit. 
Book recommendation?
Lone Survivor by: Marcus Luttrell. This book defines what it’s like to fight for the will to survive and succeeded. As a Leader having to make tough life or death decisions for the overall good of your team. 
What makes Louisville weird? 
That fact that we have 1,000 different ways to say the name, “Louisville” 
Favorite thing to do in Louisville? 
I’m a huge Louisville sports fan, so my favorite thing to do is attend all of UL sporting events. Mainly Football. 
What advice would you give to other young professionals? 
Just be yourself. Don’t act, talk or think like someone you’re not. Your character is what defines who you really are. Don’t try to be the person you think someone wants you to be 
What is the best career advice you have received? 
Stay motivated. Pursuing your dreams and career can be exhausting and everyone hits a breaking point in their life that they just want to give up because nothing is going well for them. That’s when you have to find the motivation to push harder. 
What did you want to be as a kid growing up? 
I wanted to be in the Military…….. Check! 
What is your favorite thing about being a YPAL member? 
The Interactions with other young Louisville professionals and what YPAL has to offer with engaging Louisville leaders. 
Have a fun hobby? 
Being in the outdoors and everything that comes with it. 
Coolest place you have ever traveled?
Belleau Wood, France and Normandy, France 
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