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What is your day job?

I am the Digital Marketing Manager for KFC US. My cocktail party description of my job is, “I sell chicken through the internet.” My day to day involves social media advertising, email marketing, brand partnerships, and analytics.

Why did you join YPAL?

I find community involvement to be a very important aspect to a well-rounded life. YPAL provides the opportunity to network with area professionals and discover opportunities to give back.

 How are you involved with YPAL?

I finished up the Emerging Leaders Program a few months back where I found a great networking and skill building program. Currently I attend social events and have full intentions to participate in the YPAL PR committee.

Have you been in the news for anything cool lately…??

Recently KFC made news for following the five Spice Girls and six guys named “Herb” on Twitter. This KFC 11 herbs and spices joke was something we cooked up with our creative agency and has been my bar joke for a while.

Why did you choose Louisville?

I first came to Louisville four years ago after I worked in New York City. My first night I went to Silver Dollar and made friends with the folks at the bar who scolded me on the pronunciation of “Louisville”. It finally sank in when they told me to pronounce the “Louis” like I had a mouth full of marbles and the “ville” like they had spilled out. Suffice to say, I fell in love with this city that night.

What was your first job?

My first job was at the age of 14 as a janitor at a middle school. It was not glamourous but it did pay $15/hr. Every job I’ve had since is better than that one, but it did teach me work ethic, the pride in a job well done, and how to clean a toilet.

What is your career ambition?

I want to do cool stuff. How this equates into a career ambition I have yet to figure out. My interests change as I learn new things and the world changes as new things are created for me to learn. Right now I want to help KFC be the best chicken restaurant it can be by doing my part to rethink and enhance our digital marketing.

What makes Louisville weird?

Louisville reminds me a lot of Brooklyn. There is incredible diversity, a great bar scene, wonderful music, some of the best food, a fascinating history, and hipsters as far as the eye can see. The weirdest part for me coming from NYC is that most everyone is nice. One of my favorite stories is the second week I was here I got a Red Plum circular in the mail. We don’t really get coupons delivered in Brooklyn so I was psyched to see if I could get $1 off my next purchase of toothpaste. I was meeting a friend for happy hour so I brought my Red Plum and scissors to Outlook and plopped down at the bar, figuring I’d clip quietly until my friend came. Well you would not believe how excited everyone at that bar was to see what coupons were available that week. I still have two friends I made that day.

Favorite thing to do in Louisville?

My ideal Sunday is spent driving down Preston Highway to Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, followed by the all you can eat Hibachi Sushi Buffet right next store then driving a bit further to Unique thrift store and finally picking up my groceries at Supermercado Guanajuato.

Favorite restaurant in Louisville?

Besides the all you can eat Hibachi Sushi Buffet? Butchertown Social. I’ve never had a bad meal, drink, or experience there. The wait staff seem to be genuinely happy to be working there and it translates into an enjoyable experience

Have a fun hobby?

I like to pick up junk bicycles and fix them up. There is something so rewarding about taking something rusted out and broken and turning it into a way to get around.