Meet this month’s YPAL Featured Member: Holly Neeld! We love her career advice! We also love that she is a recent graduate of YPAL’s Emerging Leaders Program – Applications open Jan. 31st! 

-What is your day job?
I’m the Development Coordinator at The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. I work with our fundraising team to keep our department database organized, our donors recognized, and help to realize our financial goals.

-How are you involved with YPAL? 
I’m a recent graduate of the Fall 2016 ELP (Emerging Leaders Program). Recently, I became a YPAL Ambassador. I also serve on our Programming Committee and am looking forward to seeing my involvement with YPAL grow.

-Book recommendation?
At the end of the day I need escapism, so I like to dive head first into fiction. Currently, I’m reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. When I finish a book, I like to reference theSkimm for book suggestions.

-What makes Louisville weird?
Louisville’s love for Louisville! There is so much pride, compassion and no shortage of inspiration. The dining culture is unbelievable. Our music/theater/arts scene is constantly growing (seems like there’s a new event every year!). And of course, bourbon and horses – no other city is as culturally expressive and thriving.

-Favorite thing to do in Louisville?
It doesn’t get any better around here than Fall and St. James Court in the heart of Old Louisville. I could spend hours browsing all the awesome art and craft.

-Favorite restaurant in Louisville?
It’s a no-brainer – EL MUNDO! Chips n Dips and House Margaritas – the best in the city!

-What is the best career advice you have received?
Someone else’s success is not your failure. It can be very difficult being a young professional because we don’t all progress at the same pace. That lack of synchrony (which is ok and normal) amongst our peers can become quite a distraction, making it easy for us to lose focus. You just have to stay at it. Work hard and make each day, each connection, each experience count. Don’t waste time!

-What is your favorite thing about being a YPAL member?
YPAL offers the opportunity to create meaningful relationships. You can be a member, but you can also become a committee member or an ambassador. Maybe you decide you want to take it a step further and participate in ELP. There is an offering for everyone at every level of commitment. It’s an enriching organization that goes beyond the business card trade. It gives you the opportunity to have an impact on more than just your professional self; you can have an impact on the community!

-Have a fun hobby?
Recently I’ve developed a mad obsession with indoor cycling at CycleBar. I love it so much that I plan to audition to be an instructor in June!

-Coolest place you have ever traveled?
This is not an easy question to answer as I have been fortunate to have had several opportunities to travel abroad. I was blown away by the culture of Japan. Tokyo was the most beautiful blend of nature and technology. There were no garbage receptacles (but there was no garbage anywhere!). Paris, France also takes an equal slice of cake. I studied abroad there for a summer, and to me, there is no city more romantic, vibrant and fun to explore.

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