-What is your day job?

Sr. Manager, Social Media at Papa John’s International

-Why did you join YPAL?

I moved back to Louisville about three years ago after living in Nashville for eight years. The Nashville technology scene was very lively and active. I was unfamiliar with the digital landscape in Louisville and I wanted to make connections with like-minded people here.

-Why did you choose Louisville?

I’m originally from here (went to Assumption High School and then UK) but moved back three years ago after getting a job offer at Papa John’s.

-What is your favorite pizza order?

Mushrooms, or pepperoni, or even just plain cheese on Pan crust.

-Pick up or delivery?

I do both!

-What was your first job?

Lifeguard at a pool in an apartment complex. I did work at a few pizza restaurants in high school as well.

-What is your career ambition?

In high school and college, I always thought I’d be an art director at a big ad agency in NYC. Facebook was invented when I was in college, so social media did not even really exist as a career path then. Seeing how quickly this space has evolved has affected how my career ambitions have changed. Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing in 10, 20, or 30 years. I just know it will involve connecting people with technology.

-Book recommendation?

I just ordered Gucci Mane’s autobiography from Amazon. Had to buy the hard copy.

-What makes Louisville weird?

The food scene here is unexpectedly awesome and delightfully unique.

-Favorite thing to do in Louisville?

Show out of town friends around our awesome city

-Favorite restaurant in Louisville?

Brendan’s Catch 23

-What is the best career advice you have received?

Work harder.

-What is your favorite thing about being a YPAL member?

Meeting new people and being with my “tribe”.

-Have a fun hobby?

I’m obsessed with all things true crime related.

-Coolest place you have ever traveled?

Istanbul, Turkey.

Enjoy this special Papa John’s offer!