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Get to know our featured member: Taylor Amerman!

-What is your day job? Corporate Responsibility Manager at Brown-Forman. I work to create a culture of responsibility by reducing alcohol related-harms, promoting moderation, and respecting the choice not to drink.

-Why did you join YPAL? I joined YPAL because I wanted to meet fellow young professionals who are making an impact in Louisville.

-Why did you choose Louisville? I love the city of Louisville because I truly believe I have the opportunity to achieve my dreams here. We have compassionate citizens who are willing to have a cup of coffee with you, answer your questions,and support you in any way they can.

-What was your first job?  A youth soccer referee.

-What is your career ambition? I would love to be a Chief Sustainability Officer at a for-profit company or an Executive Director of a non-profit organization.


-Favorite thing to do in Louisville? Spending time in Louisville’s beautiful parks or walking across the Big Four Bridge.

-Favorite restaurant in Louisville? Mayan Cafe

-What is the best career advice you have received? Do the job that needs to get done, not just what’s on your job description.

-How has YPAL made an impact on you? Last year, YPAL made a commitment to help young professionals get appointed to city boards and commissions. When I applied, YPAL became a champion for me within the Mayor’s Office. Due to YPAL’s efforts, I was appointed to serve on the Metro Parks Advisory Commission this past February.

-Coolest place you have ever lived? Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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