Meet this month’s Featured Member – Tyler Jury

What is your day job?

         Well, I have two day jobs! I am a practicing dentist 4 days a week out in the East End at Springhurst Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, across from The Paddock. I also co-own a leather goods company based in the Highlands– Clayton & Crume.

Why did you join YPAL?

         I had some good friends attend YPAL events while I was still in dental school and they were forging friendships while building a network within Louisville. I was not sure of my post-grad plans and where I would end up practicing, so I held off on plugging myself in to YPAL until I knew my wife and I planned to be here.

Why did you choose Louisville?

         Family is important to both my wife and I, and our families each live within 30-45min of Louisville. It is a large city with a lot of opportunity, but has the charm of a small town like I am from. A lot of culture, encouraging people, and good coffee!

What was your first job?

         My actual first job was a vegetable stand that I started in 5th grade. One set of grandparents had a home on a busy street corner in the middle of Elizabethtown and the other set had a 300-acre farm out in the country. I used this dichotomy to my advantage, planting a garden on the farm and selling in the city. I continued my gardening & vegetable business on into high school (7 years!), and still tell my wife I spent the better part of a decade gardening to buy her ring!

What is your career ambition?

        I love dentistry and the ability to provide treatment to patients. I hope to own my own practice with a few other partners here in Louisville, providing top-knotch dentistry to patients for years to come.

        I also love the entrepreneurial aspect of business. I love product creation and marketing. I really believe in what my business partner, Clay, and I do at Clayton & Crume. It is rewarding to produce high-quality goods that people believe in, right here in Louisville.

Book recommendation?

        I’m more of a blog guy. Farnham Street is my go-to. It’s about intelligent thinking, idea generation and innovation. I get lost in their stockpile of amazing articles a few times a month.

What makes Louisville weird?  

   Nord’s Maple Bacon Donuts.

Favorite thing to do in Louisville? 

  Waking up on a Saturday with my wife, grabbing a cup of coffee at Safai, and taking our dog Riley to the Farmer’s Market!

Favorite restaurant in Louisville? 

   Sol Aztecas on Bardstown Rd. At least 4 of the waiters/waitresses know me by name.

Favorite Christmas Tradition?

   Unwrapping a sweet new pair of PJ’s.

 What is the best career advice you have received? 

  I’m actually adopting a line I heard at the recent YPAL unite conference as my career/personal life mantra.

   “Always strive to be the youngest, dumbest, poorest person wherever you go.”  If I’m networking with or learning from people who are smarter and more seasoned in life and/or business than myself, I’m in the right place. 

 What is your favorite thing about being a YPAL member?

   It allows like-minded, driven young professionals to connect. As our generation continues to connect and further integrate technology into existing markets and industries, I think we are going to see a huge boom for the American economy. YPAL is allowing that movement to happen on a local level in Louisville, so that is exciting to be a part of.

Have a fun hobby?

     When the weather is nice and I have time in the summers I take the boat to Nolin Lake to fish, and I get out in the woods to hunt in the fall/winter. Anything outdoors that allows me an opportunity to relax, slow down, and enjoy nature.

Coolest place you have ever traveled?

           The coolest place I have ever traveled is France. My wife and I spent 3 weeks there this May and traveled the entire country. It is incredibly diverse– from the busy streets of Paris and the beaches of the Mediterranean, to the historic chateaus of the Loire Valley and the cool countryside in Normandy. We try to structure our lives to make travel a priority. I’m convinced it is what opens our eyes, and hearts to the most beautiful, inspiring and enjoyable things this life has to offer.

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