My mission in life is to build and promote health and wellness throughout our community. This looks different for everyone and it is my goal to meet people where they are, and help them to find the path that identifies with their life. If you have taken any of my classes, follow my social media or subscribe to my newsletters and you will see my mantra is being #fitforlife.  
I believe in finding each person’s level of fit to make everyday life tasks easier, more enjoyable and to feel strong.  By definition, if you are weak you are not strong.  Strength is the key to maintaining independence as you age. Fit is not a 6 pack, I know several 6 packers that are not what I would consider functionally fit. Fit is uniquely proprietary to each individual. 
Being fit is the ability to adapt and adjust to the environment around you. It’s the ability to carry groceries into the house easily. It’s being able to get down on the floor or play tag outside with your kids. It’s the ability to walk a flight of stairs or your dog without being winded. It’s being able to perform everyday functional activities in your life without struggle. 
I tell every client I train and every class that I teach,  you must be able to move your own body weight around in different planes and variations (push ups, bearcrawls, pull-ups, squats etc). If an emergency occurred, a house fire, a car wreck…could you get yourself or a loved one out of danger? Really think about this…could you?  I want people to be independent and strong,  and it is very sad to see such a large part of our population lose out on life because they are not physically well to enjoy it.  
The best way to become functionally fit is to cross train.  You must shock your body with new movements and keep your body from adapting to one specific form of exercise. Also, changing things up sharpens your reflexes, increases the ease of everyday life, greater muscle memory (you can complete exercise or movements quicker and more precise), increase flexibility and coordination, improve balance and posture, helps with joint pain and reduces your risk of injury. 
By mimicking everyday life movement patterns, your body is more likely able to cope with daily stresses. Functional training stands out from conventional training because of its way to reduce the risk of injury and stress to your body. When training in a functional manner, muscles aren’t just strengthened but the surrounding ligaments too, which is the area that can often become injured.
FIT PASS is such a good way to become functionally fit. Whether you take a different class once a week or a new one every day, your body and mind will benefit from the cross training. FIT PASS gives you the opportunity to experience over 45 gyms in Kentuckiana and hundreds of classes daily to choose from. I hope you take away something from this post.  If you have questions about where to start (not necessarily with FIT PASS but with becoming #fitforlife) please email, and if I can’t help I guarantee I know someone who can. 
Get Functionally Fit this Fall! 
Cynthia Williams 
Owner 502 FIT PASS
Functional Fitness Specialist


If you are interested in becoming more functionally fit then the 502 FIT FEST Fundraiser is a great way to start! This event will help bring awareness to the new local non-profit UP for Women and Children. For more information on date, time, and location, or to register for the 502 FIT FEST, please click here!

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