Are you looking for a new hobby? Are you trying to have a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to save money? Well, look no further gardening is just the right money-saving, lifestyle-changing, hobby for you! Here are some simple tips to start your own garden. 

1. Being in the city it can sometimes be hard to find green space, or at least the right green space to start your own garden. When looking for the proper green space you want a place that has sun for at least six hours a day. 

2. Along with a lot of sunshine, your green space should drain well; in other words, after a rain shower your green space should not have any puddles. 

3. If you have soil that does not drain well, building a raised bed is always a possibility.

4. If you do not have any green space outside it is possible to grow a few herbs in small containers on the inside of your house using the same guidelines.

5. Start-off with a few vegetables that are easy to grow such as beets, lettuce, and cucumbers. Then as you master gardening, move onto vegetables that are more sensitive to grow. This will give you the confidence you need to continue your garden in the following years.     

6. Although it may be obvious, makes sure to grow vegetables that are not only easy, but also vegetables that you enjoy eating.

7. If you are debating between using seeds versus transplants. Using seeds is not only cheaper, but also tends to have more success in your garden.

8. Timing is crucial. If you are shopping for seeds to grow in your garden the seedling packets will tell you the ideal time to plant and grow. Otherwise, knowing when your first and last frost dates are important for your growing season.

9. Mulching is another crucial factor that leads to your garden surviving more than one year. Mulching prevents the spread of diseases between plants, the growing of weeds, and retains soil moisture.

10. Watering is another vital element to maintaining a healthy garden. Ideally, one to three inches of water is enough. However, some plants need more water such as tomatoes.

11. If possible, choose seeds that have some disease resistance to them.

12. Have fun. After all, you found a new hobby that saves you money and leads to a healthier lifestyle. 

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