Everywhere you turn, people are recommending yoga as a therapeutic physical exercise. But why? Unlike running, tennis, and some other high-impact repetitive motion exercises, yoga is low-impact and incredibly varied and is accessible to all ages, sizes, and skill levels. It’s a practice–and that’s what it’s called, because it’s never expected to be perfect–that you can take with you as you age, constantly improving, customizing, and tweaking to adapt to your current conditions. There are dozens of styles of yoga, from very gentle chair yoga to the extreme heated classes in the Bikram tradition. So where does 502 Power Yoga fit into this spectrum, and why should you try it?

  1. It’s not “just stretching.”
    In our Power Vinyasa classes, attention is placed on creating tapas (heat) and vinyasa (flow) by moving the body. A LOT. You will sweat and torch calories.

  2. It isn’t too hot.
    The room is heated (85-90º) to help cleanse the body and warm the muscles, but it is not heated to stifling temperatures that can be uncomfortable for some practicioners.

  3. It’s FUN.
    People are often surprised that a class at 502 Power Yoga typically includes high-fives, laughter, cheering, and applause. But that’s how we roll.

  4. It’s in English….
    It’s important to know the Sanskrit, but we’re aware that 99.99% of new students coming through the door will not know what “Prasarita Padottanasana” means but might be able to figure out what “Wide Legged Forward Fold” means.

  5. …And the English isn’t “flowery.” 
    Instead of saying “offer your heart to the universe” in a pose, we will more likely say “press your collarbone forward.” When you’re in the middle of the flow you won’t have time to decode the flowery language.

  6. You will leave empowered.
    Our teachers are not just taught Sanskrit, they are taught how to be powerful, insightful leaders who are able to give you nuggets of transformation right there in your twisting triangle. You will leave a class at 502PY feeling LIT UP and empowered.

  7. You will make a ton of new friends.
    At 502PY, we push people outside of their comfort zone and make our yogis get OFF their mat and meet new people. And the crazies thing happens: You make new friends. We’ve witnessed many new friendships blossom out of our studio space.

  8. You don’t have to be “good at yoga” to try it.
    You do not have to be flexible to try yoga. You just have to be ready and willing.

  9. It complements every other exercise out there.
    Runner? Swimmer? Cyclist? Golfer? More than likely, the strengthening and toning exercises done in a Power Yoga session will help you in your sport of choice.

  10. You will be helping yogis in need practice.
    Our members’ monthly payments help support our Outreach program in which teachers volunteer their time to take yoga out into the community where it’s needed but not affordable: Children’s homes, prisons, etc.

If you’re convinced, visit 502 Power Yoga’s bright, clean studio in the Highlands. We’re located on the 2nd floor of 2210 Dundee Road, across from Heine Brothers and above the Barber Shop. YPAL Members can receive 20% off our New Student Introductory Rate of 40 Days of Unlimited Yoga; regularly $40–only $32. Please email owner Cat Larimore by November 30, 2015 to redeem: cat@502poweryoga.com. Visit www.502PowerYoga.com for our class schedule and more studio information, and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to be up to date on the latest studio action. Namaste!

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