By Paige Wills – Communication Manager, Signature HealthCARE

In honor of the PGA Championship being in Louisville this week at Valhalla, I thought I’d share some advice I received during my first job out of college: learning to golf.

I was on a flight back from a business trip in Orlando, and I got the opportunity to sit beside the chairman of our company. We were making general conversation, and she asked if I golfed. Being a former college softball player, I had never really golfed or had the opportunity. She strongly encouraged that I learn how to because it is both a fun hobby and invaluable business skill.

Being a highly respected and powerful woman in our community, I took her advice. That following spring, I bought some clubs and signed up for basic private lessons.

My former boss and mentor told me on that plane ride that many business decisions are made on the golf course, and I didn’t want to miss out on opportunities because I didn’t know how to golf. Learning to golf is great for young professionals, but especially women. I’m not a rock-star golfer by any means. However, I am good enough to hold my own during a scramble and not slow down the team.

Since this blog is focusing on healthy initiatives, I must say golf definitely is a great form of exercise…especially if you walk all 18 holes or go to the driving range!

So in summary, learning to golf is a win-win. It’s a great business skill, and it’s a great form of exercise as well. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Since the PGA is in town, I thought this photo would be a good way to end this blog post. I had the opportunity to see and take a photo with the 2014 PGA Championship trophy derby week at the Kentucky Derby Museum for the AT&T Kentucky Derby Festival Morning Line Radio Show

2014 PGA Championship:



About Paige Wills

Paige Wills is the Communication Manager at Signature HealthCARE, a long term health care and rehabilitation company with 113 locations in nine states whose vision to radically change the landscape of long-term care forever. Prior to Signature, Paige spent two years as the Social Media Analyst at Sam Swope Auto Group, so she can tell you the make, model, year, and price of pretty much any vehicle! Paige, a graduate of Bellarmine University, also volunteers with several organizations and events throughout the community including: The Kentucky Derby Museum, the AT&T Kentucky Derby Festival Morning Line Radio Show, and the American Red Cross Wrapped in Red Gala.

Favorite Workout: Ballroom Dancing
Healthy Lifestyle Goal: Eat healthier
Proudest Fitness Achievement: Being a Division II College Softball Player
The reason I work out: To de-stress
Favorite way to fight stress: Ballroom Dancing
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The YPAL Healthcare Blog Series, sponsored by Norton Healthcare, is part of the new Healthy YP Initiative, which will focus on the health and well-being of our Louisville Young Professionals. This blog series will feature various young professional bloggers in our community sharing their stories on health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyles.