By: Kelsey Thomas, Kentucky Farm Bureau

Did you know that a measly 7% of communication is based on the words we use?

I sure didn’t, and that’s just one of the interesting facts Richard Brown, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Bellarmine University, shared with attendees of YPAL’s Power of Persuasion workshop on Sept. 15. 

So what is the other 93% anyway? The true power of what we’re saying is carried by our body language and vocal signals – like tone of voice, volume and pitch.

In an increasingly digital age, where “lols” are abundant and virtual communication often trumps face-to-face interactions, young people need to learn — now more than ever — how to conduct themselves in a professional atmosphere. At the Power of Persuasion workshop, Dr. Brown was joined by Luke Etheredge, Market Development Manager at Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance, and Kenny Moyer, Director of Operations for Republic Bank’s Digital Bank Division, to teach us how to sell ourselves.

I learned quite a few interesting things that I plan on incorporating into my professional life, especially when it comes to presenting new ideas or giving presentations.

For example, did you know that you appear much more credible onstage if you have someone else introduce you instead of simply introducing yourself? Along those same lines, if you drop a pencil or fumble when beginning a speech, you come off as more “human,” and therefore more believable, to your audience. And if you’re trying to persuade someone, you’re much more likely to win them over if you speak with your palms facing upward.

Like I said, these are just a few of the valuable things I’ll be taking away from the workshop… I can’t give away all my secrets! If you, too, want to hone your skills as a young professional, check out YPAL’s next Excelerate Workshop.