Everyone is connected in some way in Louisville. For generations, the first question anyone asked a new acquaintance was “What high school did you go to?” The answer generally led to certain assumptions, most of which would be incorrect.

It was a feeble attempt to connect the dots and see how we are related to each other. Now, your fellow locals at Insider Louisville have created a database of local shakers-and-movers, along with businesses and organizations, that is quantified and updated continuously.

It is called: Insider 502.

For YPAL members, Insider 502 offers an opportunity for members to CONNECT, ENGAGE, and DEVELOP key civic and business relationships. Insider 502 also allows the Louisville community to find young intelligent and engaged professionals that care about the city (that would be you). Maybe you will find your next job using Insider 502 or a new charity to support.

Insider 502 will announce the most influential YPAL members at YPAL 101 on May 17th. Will you be among the most influential? We want you to be!

Key variables in Insider 502’s individual influence formula include whether the person is an elected official or executive, the number of community or corporate boards on which the person sits, how many charities the person supports, the number of professional and civic organizations to which the person belongs, has the person founded a company, whether the person has a large social media following, and more.

To get started, register with Insider 502. Then submit your profile and don’t forget to mention you’re a YPAL member!