Meet 2020 YPAL Award Winner, James!

James Shireman

YPAL Member since: 2019

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Where do you work?: Shireman Construction

Civic and/or philanthropic efforts?
Dad always said, “You need to give back in order to receive.” We give out a yearly scholarship to 4 graduating students from Prosser School to seek higher learning in a trade field. My brother and I also established a builder’s fund/grant with the local Harrison County Community Foundation a few years ago. I truly enjoy giving back to the community. Community involvement is extremely important especially with the Covid-19 going around. I come from a small town where I learned the importance of community involvement. At an early age my parents involved me in church picnics, decorating the church for Christmas, and stressed the importance of giving back. Growing up I didn’t realize what my parents were instilling in my brother and I which was the sense of community. Everyone is not perfect and needs help from time to time. It’s our responsibility to serve when needed, it bonds people together and truly gives you a sense of what Community truly means…Family.

Why do you love Louisville?
The best thing about Louisville is its people and ambiance. Louisville is known for their horse racing vibrant cultural spots, and bourbon. What really makes this city stand out is it’s people. I have met so many wonderful and genuine people from “across the river.” I believe Louisville has the potential to best one of the best cities in America! One way for them to improve their city would be to really put an interest into public community projects for people to enjoy especially during this “Social Distancing” the city needs outdoor places to exercise and bring them closer to nature to help escape the city life from time to time i.e. parks, sidewalks, pools, trails, etc.

You’ve been given an elephant. What would you do with it?:
I would pay to relocate the elephant back to its natural habitat because I do not have the means to care for the animal properly. Elephants are beautiful creatures and they deserve to live their life in their own natural environment to continue the line of elephants for the future world to enjoy.


A huge thank you to our Sponsors for your continued investment and partnership in Louisville’s Young Professional community.

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