Meet 2020 YPAL Award Winner, Kulwant!

Kulwant Singh

YPAL Member since: 2019

Hometown: India

Where do you work?: Farm Credit Mid America

How do you seek life-long learning through developing others and yourself?
Development plays a big part of my everyday life. I am always seeking to learn new things and teach them to anyone who is ready to learn. Currently being part of YPAL as an ambassador and incoming director or recruitment, sub-committee member of Global Louisville, and being a participant of Ignite Louisville is helping me a lot in developing myself. I will be pursuing my MBA starting this fall from UofL which will help me in my professional development. During the pandemic, I have been utilizing LinkedIn Learning to develop myself by taking their courses online. I strongly believe in the quote by Robert Noyce, Intel Co-Founder “Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” After I graduated in India I was a teacher for around a year and loved it. I still have my students who are in touch with me and I love seeing them excel. I make sure that I participate in any learning opportunity I get in our community to develop myself and invite others to join. My next goal in life is to be a Learning and Development professional/trainer in an organization where I can teach, train, and develop people. I believe when you teach someone something important, it stays with them for the rest of their life, and no one can take it away from them.

What has been the most impactful part about being involved with YPAL?
Being involved in YPAL has truly been a blessing for me and I am thankful for it. After becoming an ambassador last year I have met so many great professionals in our Louisville community which helped me and is still helping me in my professional and personal life. I have become more engaged in the community through the information I receive during events. Initially, I was not very happy moving to Louisville from Lexington but looking back now I think it was one of the best decisions of my life and I can say that only because of YPAL.

You’ve been given an elephant. What would you do with it?
This would be so awesome! As I believe in Connect, Engage and Develop- I will connect the elephant with other elephants in the city (Louisville zoo) and perhaps get more elephants (maybe bring one or two from back home). I will make sure all elephants get comfortable with each other and have a great time. This will help the elephant morally.
I will start engaging the elephant with the community by organizing shows so kids can come to see them which will make kids happy and will give the elephant to do something during the day/weekend.​
I will start developing the elephant by teaching new tricks and try to learn from the elephant his needs as well. I will start to use it as my transportation (people do that in India 🙂 ) and take it to work. It will help the elephant to get out of the house and see the beautiful Louisville city. (presuming its not a traffic violation).

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