Meet 2020 YPAL Award Winner, Maria!

Maria Puche

YPAL Member since: 2019

Hometown: Colombia

Where do you work?: Self-employed

How do you seek life-long learning through developing others and yourself?
I am a life-long student. Every single day, I invest time in reading, learning and teaching it to others. Professional and personal development are very important to me. As such, I constantly invest time in attending events where I can learn something new. As part of my business, one of my main roles is to develop and train the next wave of financial professionals. I am constantly mentoring and developing my team to help them accomplish their goals. Outside of Louisville, I also train and mentor other financial professionals in Illinois and Indiana. I also coach my clients and community through ongoing financial seminars.

How do you strengthen our community’s impact through connecting others?
I believe that sharing knowledge and resources helps our community grow. I currently help to connect others by carrying out financial education events that bring our community together and empowers them with knowledge. Through my dedication of creating networks, I also help our local businesses connect to resources. During Covid-19, I took on the role of helping local business owners obtain government aid by connecting them to lending resources that could actually help them.

What has been the most impactful part about being involved with YPAL?
The most impactful part of being involved with YPAL has been the opportunity to network and meet other professionals in my community. I have been involved with YPAL since I was in college and I always enjoy the activities that are organized. I recently got selected to attend happy hour for 11 with Theresa Reno – Weber. I find a lot of value meeting leaders in our community and learning from their experiences. I believe this is critical for young professionals to get exposed to examples of success and being able to interact with top professionals in our community who are doing amazing things!


A huge thank you to our Sponsors for your continued investment and partnership in Louisville’s Young Professional community.