Micah Wilson is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in the making. Micah’s application made us think, “This is someone who is putting in the work and charting her own path. Through her work at The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, Micah has applied herself 100% to her goal to help children and teens understand their emotions and connect those emotions to their behaviors. Micah is present in her work, from tying younger kids’ shoes, to listening to adolescents talk through their feelings, whatever each child needs that day. Micah is also passionate about serving people who are experiencing homelessness. She makes it a personal priority to pass out meals from her car once a week at a local gas station, on her own, not affiliated with any group or organization. More than meals, Micah knows the importance of sharing a smile, an open ear, and an encouraging word to those in need. Mental health is an important focus of Micah’s work, and the driving force behind everything she does is her late sister De’ja (Day-juh).

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