Meet 2020 YPAL Award Winner, Michael!

Michael Clemons

YPAL Member since: 2018

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Where do you work?: Louisville Running Company

Tell us why you believe you should be a YPAL Award winner?
I consider myself the “unofficial Mayor of Louisville Running” and one of the leaders in the Louisville fitness community. If there’s a running race in this city, I have some connection to it through either support or participation. I’ve also been able to support the growth of others through my community involvement and as a Shred415 Instructor. I’m a lifelong Louisvillian, and I’d like to think my impact on this city has been felt by all those around me.

How do you strengthen our community’s impact through connecting others?
As a YPAL Ambassador, I’ve greatly contributed to the continued growth of YPAL by recruiting new members and furthering YPAL’s community support. As a Shred415 Instructor, I’ve had the opportunity to lead hundreds in our city on their fitness journey to be happier and healthier. As a leader in our running community, I continually provide opportunities for people to stay active and meet fellow runners. It’s amazing how much running and working out can improve a person’s overall well-being, and I’m happy to contribute to that daily.

Why do you love Louisville?
I was born and raised in Louisville, and for the longest time, I took for granted the amazingness of this city. I tried my damndest to get out of the city but somehow kept getting sucked by in. All these years later, I have grown to love the city and all if has to offer. Louisville is the perfect mix of a big city with great opportunities, food, and outdoor adventures; and a small town with friendly people and low cost of living.

A huge thank you to our Sponsors for your continued investment and partnership in Louisville’s Young Professional community.