If you haven’t heard Nubia Bennett speak or attended one of her conversations, it’s not too late to set a New Year’s resolution for 2021. Nubia has that special and rare quality — regardless of how many people are in the room or on the screen — to make you feel that she is reaching out and talking to you directly. This year, Nubia has worked to become a linchpin in our community, disconnected as we are by COVID and social/political issues. Nubia leads trainings at UofL and throughout the Louisville community around Implicit Bias, Antiracism, and Privilege/Oppression. She is always asking herself and others about the work we can each be doing to make our community a better place for everyone. Nubia is a proud mom to her teenage son, and is thrilled to return to graduate school for a Master of Arts in Higher Education / Higher Education Administration with a Concentration in Policy and Equity. In Nubia’s own words, she is committed to “serving [our] community through leaning into its richness by example”.