LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Dec. 21, 2023) — Joel Mwambayi is a security analyst at Edward Jones and ambassador for Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL).

He was raised in Lexington after arriving in the U.S. as a refugee from Africa. He has now been in Louisville for eight years, going to the University of Louisville for his undergraduate and graduate school.

“I’ve never felt like one place was just home since it’s just been the move from Africa, to Kentucky and Lexington, to Louisville,” Mwambayi said. “From K through 12, I’ve been through three to four apartments, two to three different homes with my family. So it’s been easy to adapt to being moved.”


Mwambayi went to his first YPAL event, YPAL 101, last year, and he’s been part of the organization ever since. He graduated from YPAL’s Emerging Leaders Program last spring.

“I realized I’m really good at being a relator, and it’s helped me build a lot of friendships,” Mwambayi said. “I realized I could use that as an opportunity to showcase what opportunities I’ve found through YPAL.”

Mwambayi wants to showcase Louisville’s diversity as a leader in the community.

“What I want to show out, and what YPAL can help with is show that people who look like me can be in spaces like YPAL,” Mwambayi said. “I’ve been able to see where I can make my mark here in Louisville. I want to pay it back for other generations to come.”