During the next few months, Louisville Metro Government, YPAL, IIBA & TALK will uncover great ways that you can engage and learn what possibilities exist as a Technology Professional and “what’s in IT for you”.  Please join us in an interactive 4-Part series to improve your outlook on “professional service” by using innovations in data and technology.  

The ‘Innovate Louisville’ Series beginning April 3rd, will explore the question of “How do we use innovations in data and technology to improve ‘quality of life’?  You will have an opportunity to interact with a cross-functional panel of industry leaders, including Mayor Greg Fischer.  

This year’s YPAL “Innovate Louisville” Series will highlight industries of growth for the Louisville Metro area.  We’ll engage local leaders in Logistics, Healthcare, Tourism and “Food-To-Table” industries.  Each of these industries will provide great opportunities for growth both locally and globally.

The series will also lend ideas and inspiration to use the tools and suggestions discovered.   Learn innovative ways to improve your professional outlook in any industry of your choosing.

Learn how your passion for technology can be applied to help improve your ‘personal career objectives’ as a Tech professional through helping others.  You might find where you “fit -in” to this ever changing world of opportunity through future YPAL upcoming events.

This event is free.  The Series will be held at the Nucleus Innovation Center – Downtown 301 E. Market Street. Register here!

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