Volunteering is a way to vote every day for the kind of community you want to live in. At Metro Untied Way, we are proud to offer you a special way to make a difference this month through LINC (Lead. Impact. Network. Change.)

LINC is a social and volunteer network that offers young adults in our community the chance to improve our city while enjoying all it has to offer. The program provides us with an introduction to the challenges facing our community from a solutions perspective and deepens our understanding of issues rooted in education, financial stability, and healthy lives. Through an annual calendar of events—each of which features a meaningful volunteer project and networking at some of the city’s most innovative venues—we gather as young professionals to learn about the increasing gap between those in need and those on a path to success while engaging in effective community involvement to change those odds. 

LINC has reached more 3,000 children through volunteer service in its first year, and now, there’s only one thing for us to do—throw a birthday party! We hope you will join us as we celebrate in typical LINC style: drinks, snacks and major giving back.  We’ll need all hands on deck as we make Welcome Baby Bundles in honor of some super special “actual birth” days in our community!  

What: LINC Birthday Bash – Each year, our community welcomes more than 10,000 newborns. At Metro United Way, we’re committed to ensuring that each of these children has an opportunity to grow up healthy and ready to learn. So, we’ll be celebrating their original birthdays (you know we like a theme) by creating packages that provide new and in-need parents with the essential – but not always readily available – items they need to create healthy and nurturing environments for their infants. Then we’ll enjoy our own surroundings with snacks and drinks from the much-buzzed-about culinary innovators at Over the 9. First round’s on us!

When: Thursday, November 17, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. 

Where: Over the 9120 S. 10th St, Louisville, KY 

Why: Cupcakes…But, seriously, we know that the first five years of a child’s life are a time of enormous social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and that this journey begins on day one. Healthy babies is a goal we can all get behind, and the best way to reach that goal is to equip the families who care for them. Let’s make it happen!

To RSVP Click Here

P.S. We know it’s UofL game night, y’all. Over the 9 has plenty of TVs for us to shout at after our shindig

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