Beginning on July 17th and ending on August 14th, meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 90 minutes each morning, the Champions Aren’t Made In the Gyms program will take place at the Muhammad Ali Center. Here, the goal will be to teach the “Creating Our Future” educational curriculum to a select few of the middle school student athletes of TKO Boxing Gym.  The aim of the curriculum is to guide young people in an exploration of Muhammad Ali’s six core principles, encourage the incorporation of these values into their lives, and inspire the development of a “life plan” that reflects a positive sense of self, a commitment to community, and preparation for the future. By the end of the program, we hope that these boxers not only become as great as Muhammad Ali was in the ring, but also as great as a humanitarian as he was outside the ring!


A few days prior, volunteers will be taught by the educational staff at the Muhammad Ali Center the curriculum that they will in-turn teach to the TKO students. Three to five volunteers will be selected before June 30th. The volunteers would assist the educational staff in teaching the curriculum to the student athletes. Volunteers will also be given a tour of the TKO Boxing Facility and the Muhammad Ali Center! 

Benefits for volunteering include: 

  • Professional development
  • Gain service hours
  • Resume builder
  • Work with the best up and coming boxers of Louisville!

For more information, please contact

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