We asked our board members to answer a handful of pretty standard questions without thinking too hard about them. We found that YPAL’s board is made up of some interesting young professionals.

Brian Walter was born and raised in Louisville, which has helped develop a passion and love for his hometown. Outside of his job at Humana, he spends time with family, working out, or catching a show/concert. 


“OFF THE CUFF” with Brian:

YPAL TITLE: Director of Recruitment

DAY JOB: Business Technology Analyst

WHY YPAL: YPAL offers me the opportunity to give back, and highlight the amazing things that young professionals are doing all around Louisville. 

WHY LOUISVILLE: It’s the only city that has a southern romanticism, with a northern feel. It’s not Midwest, and it’s definitely not east coast. Louisville is perfectly unique, auspiciously weird, and home. 

FIRST JOB: Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative

CAREER AMBITION: Managerial Consulting

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Green Eggs and Ham… JK. Atlas Shrugged, The Great Gatsby, and The Giving Tree (a childhood favorite of mine). 

WHAT MAKES LOUISVILLE WEIRD: See “Why Louisville” answer

FAVORITE THING TO DO IN LOUISVILLE: Evening strolls in Tyler Park.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Hammerhead’s or The Backdoor

CONNECT: Connect on LinkedIn!

Learn more about Brian’s Recruitment Committee. 

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