On January 22, 2014, Emma Brown will step down as Executive Director of YPAL to pursue a new and exciting professional opportunity as the marketing director for a local firm.

Emma dedicated years of passion and hard work to YPAL, helping drive the organization’s growth since she first served as a Board member in 2010.  Emma was hired as YPAL’s first full-time staff member in Spring 2011, and was eventually promoted to Executive Director in 2013. 

During her tenure, Emma thoroughly transformed the capacity and capabilities of YPAL.  She helped shape YPAL into a still-growing 800+ member powerhouse, and far exceeded our expectations as a savvy, efficient manager and motivating leader.  Yet Emma has been much more than that: she has also been a devoted, enthusiastic, and generous colleague and friend to YPAL’s partners, members, and Board of Directors. 

As a testament to her dedication to this organization, Emma has agreed to assist YPAL from a distance, even after her departure, and regardless of whether we have hired her replacement.  To say Emma has been invaluable to our organization is an understatement, and we will miss her terribly.

Please join me in congratulating Emma; we wish you all the best in you new endeavor! 

-Rebecca Weis, YPAL President