Columbia Business School is bringing their “Driving Strategic Impact” executive education course to Louisville!

For strategy to work, managers throughout the organization must take ownership of it. They need to have the tools to think strategically and tie their daily work to the overall strategy. This course is designed to teach proven frameworks for strategic problem-solving, offering a practical toolkit they can apply on Monday morning. Coming to you on September 28-29, 2017!

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Women and Leadership: Turn Authenticity into Impact

This interactive course is designed for women at all leadership stages and will explore how women leaders can recognize and nurture what are considered traditionally ‘feminine traits’ while also developing in areas where men are naturally stronger. Along the way, participants will gain tools and behaviors to grow confidence, lead with authenticity and embrace a courageous mindset. Coming October 25, 2017!

YPAL members! Using the code “YPAL10” purchase your ticket for only $400

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