Louisville, KY (January 26, 2015) — YPAL, the Young Professionals Association of Louisville, supports and endorses Kentucky telecommunications reform to spur investment and allow widespread access to wireless and broadband services required in a 21st century economy.

“Kentucky can’t afford to wait any longer while our neighbor states vault forward on telecom modernization,” said Jean Lee, President of the Young Professionals Association of Louisville.

“YPAL’s mission is to connect, engage, and develop young professionals, assisting in their recruitment to and retention in the Greater Louisville region. Our vision is to make Louisville the premier city for young professionals to live, work and play.

This legislation very much impacts YPAL members who want Louisville to see a strong investment in the latest wireless and broadband technologies. They have the careers and lifestyles that are most enabled and enriched by mobile broadband, online apps and an advanced IP infrastructure. This is a huge factor for work life and home life alike.”

YPAL joins other Kentucky groups including the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the Kentucky Economic Development Cabinet and Greater Louisville, Inc. in support of House Bill 152 and Senate Bill 3 which would eliminate unnecessary, outdated retail-based regulatory burdens on the telecommunications industry and free it up to invest in a more modern infrastructure for the state.

YPAL encourages its members to contact their local representative and urge them to take up and pass the telecommunication’s reform bill. Find out who your legislator is here: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Legislators.htm

YPAL has and will continue to provide a variety of opportunities for young professionals to learn about hot-button public issues through panel discussions and YP Day at the Capitol on February 5, 2015.

About YPAL:

The Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL) was created in 1999 after a study showed Louisville was losing its young people after college graduation to larger cities. Since its inception, YPAL has built credibility as a social and professional organization for young professionals in Louisville and Southern Indiana to be a conduit to connect to their communities. YPAL strives to connect and engage Metro Louisville’s young professionals through community, professional and social opportunities.


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