By Tabitha Hodges – Director, YPAL Healthcare Committee

This is going to be a big year for the Healthcare Committee, and I am so proud to help introduce YPAL’s new Healthy YP Initiative.

The Healthy YP Initiative will focus on the health and well-being of our Louisville Young Professionals. YPAL understands that professionals with healthy, active, and balanced lives become even stronger leaders in our community. President Jean Lee, with the support of our Board of Directors, is excited to bring health and wellness opportunities to our members by partnering with health organizations in the community.

One of these opportunities is the new YPAL Healthcare blog sponsored by Norton Healthcare, and we are looking for bloggers! If you are a health nut, a fitness success story, or someone starting a new healthy lifestyle journey, we want to hear from you!

Each blogger will be asked to submit a short blog post each month over the next six months to be published on the YPAL website. You will be in good company, as guest bloggers from the Louisville community will also be submitting their stories. If you want to participate as a blogger or share a few of your personal experiences, tips, recipes and motivation with others, please contact me at

Also be on the lookout for health tips in the weekly update throughout the year thanks to Norton!


Tabitha Hodges, Director, YPAL Healthcare Committee
Jean Lee, YPAL President

About Tabitha Hodges

Tabitha is an Assistant Account Manager at Doe-Anderson, a Louisville based advertising and public relations agency. Tabitha spent the past two years directing marketing for Kroger’s in-store medical clinics, so she can not only advise on the most efficient way to drive across Kentucky but also prescribe the best foods to help shorten the duration of a bad cold.

Favorite Workout: Running in Joe Creason Park.
Healthy Lifestyle Goal: Really, sincerely trying yoga.

Proudest Fitness Achievement: Completing my first half marathon last fall.
The reason I work out: More dessert!
Favorite way to fight stress: Quality time with my friends

Follow Tabitha on Twitter: @KeepingTabs88