LOUISVILLE, Ky. (May 16, 2024) — The Young Professionals Association of Louisville has selected its 2024-25 board of directors. The incoming board is composed of young professionals representing a broad range of industries, experiences and backgrounds. The board slate is unified in their desire to make Louisville a better place for young professionals to live, work and play.

The 19-member incoming board includes 13 people who are currently serving on the board of directors for the 2023-24 year. The retention demonstrates the level of excitement, dedication and success in the organization. The incoming board will innovate, advance and amplify YPAL’s mission to create a welcoming and vibrant community for young professionals.

The board will be led by incoming President, Benjamin Donlon. He is a seasoned expert in analytics and operations, with over a decade of experience leading data-driven strategies to enhance organizational performance and impact.

The 2024-25 board term will begin on July 1, 2024 and end June 30, 2025.

“This group of talented individuals brings a wealth of experience, diverse perspectives, and a shared passion for making Louisville an outstanding place for young professionals,” Donlon said. “Their dedication, innovative ideas, and commitment to our community will drive YPAL’s mission and the Louisville area forward. I am confident that with such a dynamic and passionate team, we will achieve great things and continue to significantly impact the lives of everyone, specifically young professionals, in Louisville. I confidently believe this team’s impact will not only be felt this year but for years to come, continuing the strong legacy of boards before them.”

Donlon’s primary goal for the board is to harness the diverse talents and perspectives of YPAL’s members to champion inclusion and belonging, be the bold voice of young professionals and to be the source of Louisville’s sustainable future.

“By advancing these strategic initiatives, we will broaden our outreach and solidify YPAL’s role as a vital resource for young professionals in Louisville,” Donlon said. “With such a dynamic and passionate team, I am confident that we will not only achieve remarkable milestones this year but also lay a strong foundation for future success, ensuring a lasting positive impact on our community. Ultimately, my goal is for YPAL to be viewed as a force in growing Louisville, not only locally but on a national level as well.”

Below is the complete list of board appointments:

  • President: Benjamin Donlon
  • President-Elect: Sam Draut
  • Immediate Past President: Tanelle Sawyer
  • Treasurer: Dillon Wells
  • Secretary: Jameson Gay
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Aaron DuVall
  • Vice President of Connection: Miriam Nally
  • Vice President of Engagement: Sarah Kelley
  • Vice President of Development: Mclean Shutt
  • Director of Communications: Peggy Schnell
  • Director of Social Media: Christine Lund
  • Director of Technology – McKenzie Gary
  • Director of Diversity & Inclusion: Jeliah Logan
  • Director of Recruitment: Enidza Torres
  • Director of Membership: Charlie Todd
  • Director of Community Outreach: Gentille Ntakarutimana
  • Director of Public Issues: Ben Barberie
  • Director of Professional Development: Jovondra Coffey
  • Director of Leadership: Catherine Thompson

This year, YPAL is celebrating its 25th anniversary.